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There are two kinds of information that a website might gather about its visitors.

The first is very general, technical types of information, of a mostly anonymous nature. This includes such things as the type of browser a visitor is using, or what part of the country (or which country) the person is from, and of course what particular pages or sections of the website did the person look at. This type of information gets recorded in the server logs at every website, and is used primarily by the website administrator to monitor things like the number of hits (ie: visitors) the website is getting, to ensure the server is working properly, is providing fast response to visitors, and so forth.

The second type of information which websites might obtain from their visitors is user-identifiable data, and could be anything of a personal nature such as their name, email address, birthdate, and so forth. For instance, a website which is selling goods and services might need this type of information - such as a credit card number - to authorize the sale of their products. Or the person who is accessing the website might make a request for materials which would be emailed to that visitor at a later date. These are not things which are automatically gathered by a website: all of these types of information have to be provided through a deliberate voluntary action on the part of the visitor, usually through some type of online registration form.

The following information explains our policy regarding any personal information you may supply to us when visiting our web site. Our goal in collecting any personal information online is to provide you with a personalized web experience. By knowing your preferences we can deliver relevant information that meets your needs, and ensures that your visit to our site is quick, easy, and productive.

Specifically, the following points summarize the information gathered through this website, the manner in which it is used, and the steps taken to protect it.

  • User Privacy Is An Absolute Priority:
    Our policy regarding any information gathered through this website is the same irregardless of whether it is of an anonymous or of a personal nature. Any and all information you provide through our website is used ONLY by us to provide you with specific requested services. We do not disclose any information to anyone else under any circumstances. We consider your privacy to be paramount.

  • Visitor Activity Tracking & IP Addresses:
    WebMagician Global collects IP addresses for system administration and internal tracking. When you visit our site, our servers log the IP addresses only. We do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable.

  • Guestbook Entries & Search Engine Robots:
    Robots (search engines) visit most websites, gathering information about the website to load into their databases. Many search engines visit our website gathering information about our site. With respect to our visitors' guestbook, the information you provide when signing the guestbook is of course visible to any other website visitor. We cannot control how other users may use any information they may see in the guestbook. However, the guestbook entries are written into a database rather than being placed directly on a webpage. We use a back-end cgi script to generate the guestbook pages directly to the visitor's browser window. Consequently the guestbook information can only be displayed by a visitor after executing a cgi script. We employ the universal standard as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium for controlling website spidering by search engine robots. Using this standard mechanism, we prohibit access to the cgi scripts by all search engine robots.

  • Visitor Activity Tracking via Advertising & Offsite Link-backs:
    Unlike most websites, we do NOT permit banner advertising of any kind on this website and there are NO embedded script links to external websites. Both of these schemes permit sophisticated tracking of website visitor activity, and we therefore consider them to be an outright violation of your online privacy. If you carefully read the privacy statements on most websites which do feature banner advertising and hidden offsite link-backs, when they speak about such advertising links they invariably state that they assume no responsibility for how these third-party advertisers use your information. They do this because they know damn well that those third-party advertisers use the information in ways which do not conform to their own privacy statements, and thus they are looking to wash their hands of their responsibility to their website visitors.

  • Cookies:
    Cookies are often used on websites to gather information to 'personalize' your visit. Some of our web pages may use cookies so that we can better serve you with more tailored information when you return to our web site. Cookies are pieces of information that are transfered to your computer's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The information stored will make your usage of our web site easier and faster because it allows you to use the web site without having to re-enter information on each visit. We also use cookies when you request personalized information on our web site. These cookies are used to identify visitors when they return to the web site. They also maintain the visitor's identity while at our web site so you need only log in once. WebMagician Global does not use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that was not originally sent in the cookie, and we do not use information transferred through cookies for any promotional or marketing purposes. Some of our web pages may use cookies to track usage patterns in order to improve the usefulness and effectiveness of our web site. This information is not shared or sold to any third parties whatsoever.

  • Personal Information provided for Services offered on this site:
    WebMagician Global collects personally identifying information only (1) when you register for personalized information at our site, (2) to gain entry into one of our password-protected areas, and (3) to enter into one of our promotions. WebMagician Global will not sell, rent, or share this information with any other organization.

    There are a few areas in this website where you must provide some types of personal information in order for us to provide a particular service. One example of this is our astrological birth chart service. In order to be able to produce the birth chart graphic for you, we have to have the information required by the program which generates the birthchart. This type of information is used ONLY for the purposes for which it was required to be provided. It is not placed anywhere on the website, nor is it accessible through any mechanism found on the website. Any information which you may provide in using this website for these types of services is held in the strictest confidence. We do NOT under any circumstances make any of this information available to anyone else.

  • Email Privacy:
    We do NOT send unsolicited email to anyone for any purpose. The only time our system sends any visitor an email is to confirm that we have received some type of request from the visitor, or to supply the visitor with information or material which they have specifically asked for. Under NO circumstances do we send email to visitors for any other reason. Under absolutely no circumstances do we provide any other party with anyone's email information - nor any other information.

  • Notice to all commercial, bulk, junk, and other spam emailers:
    We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding unsolicited email. Any and all unsolicited email sent to our server is subject to processing charges billable to the sender and originating internet service provider. Refer to our detailed electronic mail policy statement for complete details.

  • Special Privacy Note 1:
    This website is NOT a supporter of the Internet Watch Foundation and Cleanfeed. If you get your internet connection from an internet service provider who supports these groups of ignorant, censoring cockroaches, please show your support for Free Speech with your wallet by switching to a different company.

  • Special Privacy Note 2:
    We block ALL access to this website by privacy-invading, wiretapping, trespassing, spamvertising, marketeering scofflaws such as Phorm (Webwise) and NebuAd. If you manage the operations of an online internet presense, please show your support for User Privacy Rights by blocking all access (probing/crawling/trawling) of your website(s) by these racketeering companies and by not giving your business to any Internet Service Provider that supports or partners with these types of companies.
    Phorm: aka 121Media - spyware, aka Apropos - rootkit, aka ContextPlus - spyware NebuAd: aka Claria/Gator - spyware

By using this site, you signify your agreement with the WebMagician Global Privacy Policy. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time. Your continued use of this web site following changes to these terms means you accept those changes.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact the webmaster at:

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