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IT Project Management/Consulting

IT Project Management/Consulting —

Our chief consultant has been delivering project management services to corporate clients and government departments over the course of the past thirty-five years. Our services include:

  • Project Planning & Coordination
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Finance/Budgeting
  • Team/Resource Management
  • Technical Consulting
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Stakeholder Liason/Reporting
  • Implementation & Administration

Website Engineering

Website Engineering —

We provide expertise in all aspects of professional website development, from simple static pages to interactive, multimedia-enabled, database-driven, eCommerce, and high-end web-broadcasting sites. The technologies we utilize includes:

  • Apache, IIS, TomCat/JSP
  • Perl/CGI, PHP, JavaScript (+jQuery/Raphael/ProcessingJS)
  • Flash
  • mySql/SQL/DBI
  • QuickTime/Darwin, RealAudio/RealVideo/SMIL/RealServer/Helix
  • WMV/WMA/ASF, MP3/OggVorbis, IceCast/EzStream

Software Development

Software Development —

We offer highly skilled software development/programming services, at both the operating system and application level, for server, desktop, laptop, netbook, and smartphone platforms.

  • Microsoft Windows Application Software Development
  • C/C++, Perl, PHP, Java, SQL, OpenSSL
  • Paradox/ObjectPal, Access/VB, DB2, SQlite, mySql, PostgreSql, ODBC
  • C++ Builder, Delphi, MinGW, JDK, JDE, Ant, Android
  • Desktop, Net-enabled Client-Server, Smartphone

Business/Systems Analysis/Auditing

Business/Systems Analysis/Auditing —

  • System Usage Policies & Controls Audit (email, internet, downloading, software installation)
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Threat Management
  • System, Network & Operations Security Review/Audits
  • System, Server, Application & Network Performance Audits & Analysis
  • System, Site & Application Data Security & Integrity
  • System, Security, Operations & Error Reporting/Logging
  • System, Site & Application Data Backup Policies/Audits
  • Server, Operating System & Application Configuration
  • Disaster/Recovery Contingency Planning
  • Incident Handling, Exploit Neutralization, Containment & Mitigation Policies, Security Breach / Malware Attack - Damage & Liability Issues

Systems/Network Security Consulting

Systems/Network Security Consulting —

Our services can be categorized by particular security focus areas:

  • System Forensics Investigation, Analysis & Response
  • System Usage Policies & Controls Audit
  • Internet/Intranet, Website/Email/Ftp/Telnet, PL/PHP/Script Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Threat Management
  • Network Communications Channel Security (gateways, proxies, VPNs)
  • Incident Handling, Exploit Neutralization, Containment & Mitigation
  • Security Tools (comparison, implementation, configuration, & use)
  • Security Infrastructure Monitoring, Network Behavior Analysis & Intrusion Detection
  • White-Hat Penetration Testing/Exploit Scanning
  • Network Hardening, Filtering & Firewalls

Education/Training Services

Education/Training Services —

WebMagician Global's instructional services include:

  • System/Software Training Services
  • Social Engineering Seminars
  • Security Tools (comparison, implementation, configuration, & use)
  • Security Breach / Malware Attack - Damage & Liability Issues
  • SSL & Certificate Management Tutorials
  • Specialized Client-Driven Seminars

Internet/Intranet Broadcasting

Internet/Intranet Broadcasting —

WebMagician Global provides digital media solutions for promotional & entertainment projects, interviews, auditions & training activities, product advertising & online marketing, corporate webcast meetings, public relations strategies, and specialized interactive web applications.

  • Darwin/QuickTime Streaming Server
  • RealServer/Helix Server, Real Producer/Real Presenter
  • Windows Media Encoder/Streaming Media Services
  • MP3/OggVorbis Icecast/Shoutcast/EzStream
  • Live/On-Demand Multimedia Streaming & Distribution
  • RealAudio/RealVideo, SMIL, Microsoft WMA/WMV/ASF Media
  • Mobile Production & Satellite Uplink Services
  • TV/Film Camera & Audio Services

WebMagician Global is a software engineering firm providing information technology consulting, application development & programming, website engineering and computer systems training services.

We offer our clients over 35 years' professional experience working with both hardware and software, at the operating system and application level, on server, desktop, laptop, netbook, and smartphone platforms.

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